published in 2118 Magazine VOl 1 The White Issue 2014

Whatever happened to the Little White Dress? Didn’t we all, at some point, love the innocent and rebellious nature of the LWD? Pure as snow and as short as your confidence will allow the little white dress can be as powerful, if not more powerful than its twin, the Little Black Dress. In it’s own special way the dress represents all that’s sweet and sexy about youth and becoming a woman.

The white represents spring and summer. It represents graduation time. It is for all the barbecues and easter celebrations. The little white dress is just as glamourous and beautiful as the long white dress little girls and single thirty year old women dream of wearing down a church aisle. It is for any time you want to channel your inner Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct. If you want to walk down the street with all eyes on you like Sophia Loren. If ever you want to pretend you walked fresh off the Dolce and Gabbana runway, the little white dress will take you there.

There is an entire wikipedia page dedicated to the “White Dress of Marilyn Monroe”. Costume designer William Travilla designed outfits for eight of Marilyn’s films but all anyone will ever remember is the ivory colored, plunging halter neckline, belted natural waistline in soft pleated fabric that stops just below the calf. It was all the rage in the 50’s and as the midi of all midi dresses it has returned with a vengeance. Every which way bloggers and fashionistas are clamoring for skirts and dresses that fall in loose folds and stop just above the salacious ankle bone. People may argue that it’s because trends repeat themselves but the truth is everyone secretly loves that moment when the wind takes hold around you providing you with the supermodel like fan blowing necessary to coyly smile and pull your dress/skirt down. Meanwhile your legs love the breeze and your confidence loves the romanticism of it all.

For all your toned and intelligent glory. For all the time and effort you put into your complexion and your accessories. Give your wardrobe the same effort you give your job. Give your little black dress a rest and give in to the wispy little white number. And for the day however long, you wont have to pretend to be Sharon Stone, Courtney Love, Sophia Loren, or Marilyn Monroe, or Audrey Hepburn, because the little white dress makes you your own icon.