Excerpts from student conversation experiment 4 critiquing the SS15 Couture Shows.

Dialogue 4


A: That one bow dress may be sellable 

B: They are holding on to an idea that must be let go for progress. Elsa was all about new ness she was one of the innovators of sportswear ,of sweater dressing, of hat culture. If they want to move forward they have to let go of surrealism and accept a new challenge. It's all so dated! The cut, the color, why she's rolling over in her grave.

A: That was all really horrible

B: Speaking of horrible how odd is it that the Valentino collection and the mens Givenchy collection had very similar color patterns and use of embroidery and motifs but one was marvelous and the other was eh. By eh I mean if they don't stop with the peasant dresses.

A: Riccardo Tisci may be a fame/trend whore but he knows how to make things that are not only sellable but covetable as hell. In that sense, he's a retailer's wet dream. Valentino needs to stop with the peasant dresses and the damn braid. Like give me some damn darts

B: Was that the hairstyle again? I didn't even notice. It was so boring.

A: Yes, yes it was. That whole Heidi in the alps thing.

B: But wait YES DARTS HELLO! DARTS!!!!! STRUCTURE! FORM! SHAPE! There is a body under there a woman's body and dammit she bad she need attention and support. Not everyone is waif thin and boyish or has a dry cleaner cheap enough to wear white peasant dresses all the fucking time. Floor length too, I mean really?!

A: The Valentino woman clearly has immaculate floors and a team of underpaid cleaning people to take care of her every need.

B: Ohhh kay kay kay! The only one i really loved was the cloud dress at the end because it felt whimsical and youthful.

A: Was that the one with the rainbow paillettes?

B: Oh god no. It's the one after it.

A: Lol. Okay.



B: I would never. That rainbow dress was designed by a small child and crafted by some very loyal seamstresses.

A: Those seamstresses really wanted to hold onto their job for not telling those people (I can never remember their names) that the dress was horrid.

B: Those seamstresses at Valentino are the most loyal seamstresses in the world they must have the most amazing benefits package because their work is flawless.

A: I bet they're all little Kenyan children that Angelina Jolie secretly adopted. All those little hands.

B: Does Angelina even wear Valentino any more?

A: No, she's too old for it now.

B: Who aside from models in editorials and the occasional royal princess or debutante wears seasonal Valentino collections?

A: Blake Lively, that girl from divergent, Mila Kunis...

B: No comment lol.

A: Lol.

B: Just imagine Blake making jam in her Valentino dress.

A: I fucking quit, lol.

*This is a candid conversation about the couture collections between two fashion students.