Choose Your Own Adventure / by Ayo Keys


Spring break is that one tantalizing week when classes are canceled for five whole days and you can pretend that finals aren’t just around the corner. You can peacefully sleep your life away. Another common spring break option is to go on a vacation.  Everyone loves a good vacay, but as a student, they can be hard to come by. Maybe you’ve worked your ass off at some painstakingly boring minimum-wage job and have earned enough to afford a trip down to a tropical beach in Florida, good for you! Or maybe your parents have been kind enough to wire over that $500 you need for a flight to Mexico–then again, go you!

But going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to be the kind of tourist that stands in the middle of the sidewalk and points at things. For the unlucky few who have either been spending too much on bowling and beer, or for those who would actually prefer to stay in New York, we have a list for you. Sometimes the best vacation spots are right around the corner. CONTINUE READING...