The Questionnaire

a series of profiles


This is a collection of stories. This is a collection of essays. This is about the intersection of clothing and culture. This is about material memory. This is a story about a pair of pants.

Read about everyone's favorite pair of pants HERE.


Featuring Parsons BFA Fashion Design Graduates from NYC.

The next generation of fashion designers has arrived THESIS 2.0.


Featuring the next generation of young explorers and jet setters .

How do your return to real life when studying abroad has changed you? What's the best way to explore like a tourist and a native at the same time? These people found that it's the journey and not the destination that defines a true adventure in the series titled WANDERLUST.


Featuring women that are coloring the world with their vivid and varied work.

Glimpse into the thought process of several multi-talented women with the second in a series of questionnaires titled COLORED GIRLS .


 Featuring the Parsons BFA Fashion Design Graduates from NYC & Paris.

Take an inside look at the start to finish process of future fashion designers with the first in a series of questionnaires aptly titled THESIS .