The Questionnaire_Wanderlust 1 by Ayo Keys




Hailing from Atlanta but living in Brooklyn, NY

Majoring in Communication Design at Parsons The New School for Design

What’s one thing you want other young people to know about traveling abroad? 

You might cry at first, from being away from home, or feel nervous or uncomfortable, but open your mind and greet the experience of traveling abroad with a smile! Explore as much as you can, you can sleep later ;)



24 hours in LONDON, ENG

MORNING My ideal day in London includes waking up after a well rested night (I mostly likely watched the office until 4am), meditating and going to the kitchen to cut up 2 oranges and 3 kiwis. I journal and watch an episode or 2 of The Office. Shower. Lay down for 45 mins while playing music. I go back and forth about what to wear while checking the surprisingly warm and sunny London weather. 

I may or may not sip on some red wine. 

AFTERNOON My perfect day includes walking around Portobello Market to buy the best arepa I've ever tasted. I'll walk through the Kensington Gardens to a museum and then go to Hyde Park. It's most likely sunset at this time and I'll stay until it gets dark. I've had the best times at Hyde Park. The sunset is breathtaking and the energy of the people, trees, birds and dogs is so positive! 

I may or may not sip on some red wine. 

I stare at the clouds, the sun, the trees and just breathe. It's dark and cool and I didn't bring a jacket. I walk 20 minuets to the closest Whole Foods while gazing at the London architecture, thinking to myself how blessed I am to be here. I buy all the food I want at Whole Foods and head home. 

8PM I heat up some food (pizza, because that makes me happy) and watch The Office. 

10PM I may or may not sip on some red wine.

11PM - 4AM I watch TV, listen to music, reflect and thank God for the day. 



What’s your suitcase packing method? Pack smart, light-ish, and keep in mind that you aren't going to wear everything! Check the weather. 

Do you have any tips for go through airport security? Unlace your shoes while you wait in line. 

What is the one thing you must have while traveling? An adapter for your electronics. 

How many languages do you speak? Fluent in English, French. I can read, write and speak Spanish pretty damn well. I also understand my Father's native tongue of Edo. 

You in three words. I am me. 

When you’ve had a bad day what keeps you going? That's the thing, there is no such thing as a bad day... a day just "is". Besides, my days are never bad, some might be challenging, but I get through it knowing it will all be OK. 

What items can be found on you at all times? Chapstick, a couple of pennies and my green watch. 

What are you addicted to? Netflix binge watching, my family, knowledge, chocolate and fries.

What did you Google last? "How to Airdrop from computer to phone"

What is the last thing you took a photo of? Some rough draft logos. 

What’s the one piece of clothing everyone should own? Leggings!!!!!!

What outfit do you wear on repeat? I have a rotation of a couple outfits, lol. I like my black halter top, my green shoes and my gray-ish skirt. 

Where would you like to be five years from now? More in love with myself.

What’s next? All that the universe has to offer. 


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The Questionnaire_Wanderlust 9 by Ayo Keys




Originally Atlanta, Ga. Currently a villa outside of Florence, Italy. Typically an overpriced apartment in the East Village. 

Studying Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design.

What’s one thing you want other young people to know about traveling abroad? 

If you chose to make traveling a superficial experience than that’s all it will ever be. If you decide to shop/drink/party your way through, the only person you’re cheating is yourself.  Push your prejudices and go outside your comfort zone.  



24 hours in BERLIN, DE

9AM  Get up, get dressed. Typically this is the time when we would do laundry and throw some snacks in our bag for the day. Berlin was wet and cold, but charming. 

10AM Walk to check point Charlie and the Jewish History Museum (which has an amazing café by the way). 

1PM For lunch we decide to splurge on an amazing restaurant called Fassbender Rausch that combines chocolate in to all their dishes.

3PM Next we visit a famous contemporary art museum in Berlin. The art was incredibly unique and diverse.

6PM Next we met up with some friend’s of my girlfriend’s family for dinner. The view from their hotel room over the Brandenburg Gate was stunning.

10PM Time to walk/subway home. The Queen on England was staying at our hotel so many fans and tourists were waiting outside for her arrival.

12AM Home, watch CNN and time for bed.



What’s your suitcase packing method? My best advice is roll everything up, only pack what you actually need, and pack neutrals that go with everything.

Do you have any tips for go through airport security? Always have your passport ready and do not be offended by overly harsh airport security. They hate their jobs, can you blame them?

What is the one thing you must have while traveling? City mapper.

How many languages do you speak? Just English

You in three words. Ambitious, sarcastic, sensitive.

When you’ve had a bad day what keeps you going? Coffee, hugs, soft beds, or my parent’s voice.

What items can be found on you at all times? Sunglasses/sunscreen, my mother’s bracelets, a ring from my girlfriend, my father’s watch.

What are you addicted to? Green juice, crushing the white male patriarchy, soul cycle, reeses peanut butter cups.  

What did you Google last? Leonardo Da Vinci and the Golden Ratio.

What is the last thing you took a photo of? The sun setting over Tuscany outside my bedroom window.

What’s the one piece of clothing everyone should own? A killer leather jacket

What outfit do you wear on repeat? Black braless crop top & black high wasted shorts with Birkenstocks always.

Where would you like to be five years from now? I aim to live in a whole new place (maybe abroad?), and work with innovative and talented people who are excited by the idea of changing the world through art and design. I want to help people through design.  

What’s next? Back New York/back to senior thesis at Parsons. Traveling has given me so much more confidence in myself. I trust myself now more than I ever. I aim to backpack solo after I graduate. I want to explore so many places in Asia and Africa. I want to live abroad and truly see the world. I would push everyone to travel. You would be amazed at the person you become. Don’t let a language barrier be a crutch against going off the beaten path. You will be awed by the kindness and decency of total strangers.

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The Questionnaire_Wanderlust 8 by Ayo Keys



Hong Kong, CH / Orange County, CA / currently in NYC

Studying Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design.

What’s one thing you want other young people to know about traveling abroad? 

Be open minded. Try the exotic foods, learn about the culture, act like a local, it’s all a part of the experience!


24 hours in Santorini, GR

9AM Sometime in late March. Santorini, Greece. Wake up and have breakfast

10AM 35-40 minute drive in our rental car to Oia, where we were told we could find the colorful houses and the ultimate sunset view a.k.a. the picture-perfect backdrop.

11AM Finally parked the car - now on foot to explore. It was super windy, many shops were closed for various reasons, off-season, renovation, vacation...etc. It was a little disappointing at first but we grew to prefer it more after imagining how crowded it must be during peak season.

12PM Luckily some restaurants were still open so we stopped to have lunch. I was very happy about the food in Greece. The ingredients were always fresh and the food is simple but delicious and very affordable.

2-4PM Getting lost in the narrow streets and alleys. We stumbled upon quaint little boutiques and bought pearl jewelries. In one boutique, they had exotic stones and the store keeper tried to create an experience for us to connect with the stones. It was fascinating but I think we liked the pearls more… haha.

4-5PM We walked up to the only bookstore on the island. The story is that a couple was visiting Santorini, found this little shop in Oia, purchased it, moved to the island and transformed it into a bookstore for travelers and like minded people to enjoy. After the bookstore, we sat outside its adjacent cafe and just ordered drinks to enjoy the moment.

5-6PM After our little break, we followed a small crowd to the sunset point of Oia. Everywhere I looked, the view was spectacular.

6-8PM We spot a restaurant with outside seating and enough elevation to watch the sun go down and decided to have dinner there. The atmosphere, the colors of the sunset, and the food were all amazing.

8-9PM We take our last stroll back to the car. Everything at this point was shades of blue and white.

9-10PM Driving back to our hotel was a little scary. There were barely any lights on the winding mountain roads and the Greeks drive very impatiently. Luckily we made it back safely.



What’s your suitcase packing method? I am very disciplined with my skincare routine so I always pack my face/body products in Ziploc bags to prevent spilling. My mom, who I consider the genius packer, taught me to first lay out my clothes in my suitcase as a cushion for my breakables (glass, plastic products), then pack the remaining of my clothes on top. This ensures 360 protection for the fragile items.

Do you have any tips for go through airport security? Keep your belongings organized and follow the rules, this ensures efficiency and will prevent impatient people like myself from staring at you with disapproval. lol

What is the one thing you must have while traveling? My iphone. I always pin places to go and pre-load the map beforehand so I can use my phone to guide me even without wifi.

How many languages do you speak? Cantonese, Mandarin, English, I can read and understand some Spanish and a little French.

You in three words. Unpredictable, restless, observant.

When you’ve had a bad day what keeps you going? Family and friends.

What items can be found on you at all times? Sunglasses and my iphone.

What’s the one piece of clothing everyone should own? A good pair of jeans, in the fit and wash that you most prefer.

Where would you like to be five years from now? Anywhere. I get bored easily so it’s hard to stay put.

What’s next? Off to Scandinavia and Hong Kong for the winter. Tibet is on my list for the summer.


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The Questionnaire_Wanderlust 7 by Ayo Keys



Brooklyn, NY

Studying Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design

What’s one thing you want other young people to know about traveling abroad? 

Take as many chances as possible. See and do as many things as you can in every place - make the most of the short time you have there.



24 hours in Cappadocia, TR

5AM Wake up in time to catch the early shuttle to the hot air balloons or hike to a lookout point to view the flights from on ground. Make sure to check the weather beforehand, as they can’t fly in dangerous or cloudy conditions.

8AM Arrive back at your hostel or hotel for a quick breakfast.

9AM Put on your hiking shoes and get on your shuttle for the Green Tour. This tour I consider a necessity when visiting Cappadocia because your guide will drive you to the underground cities that are too far to walk to.

10AM Arrive and tour the Derinkuyu Underground city. You will travel down about 8 stories into the ground, and it can bit a claustrophobic at times if you are sensitive to that, but I didn’t find it too bad. It’s definitely worth it to see the underground living spaces.


11AM Go to Ihlara Valley for a hike. You will descend down many wooden stairs until you get down next to the river in Ihlara Valley, which you will walk through, stopping to explore the painted stone churches along the way.

12PM Stop at a local restaurant on the river for some traditional Turkish food and tea. 

2PM Take your shuttle to the Selime Monastery. Climb up to see the different rooms and to catch a spectacular view of the cone-shaped rocks mostly recognized from their depiction in Star Wars.

3PM Arrive at Pigeon Valley where you can see beautiful rock formations scattered with holes carved for pigeons.

4PM Get to the Goreme Panorama. Here you can lookout over tons of rock formations commonly nick-named as “fairy-chimneys”.

5PM From the Panorama, if you still have time before sunset, I recommend spiltting from your tour group and heading just up the road to Uchisar Castle. If you don’t have time this could be a nice lookout spot for the next morning as well.

7PM Wander back through Goreme and pick a restaurant serving pottery kebab. This traditional meal cooked in a clay pot is absolutely delicious and a perfect end to the day.

9PM Go back to your cave hotel/hostel and start planning your next early day of hiking. On the way back, stop in the shops and pick up a beautiful carpet to take home!



What’s your suitcase packing method? Essentials and a couple fun pieces for going out while leaving a little room for souvenirs.

Do you have any tips for go through airport security? Keep everything you’ll need easy to reach but secure. Dress simple.

What is the one thing you must have while traveling? A camera.

How many languages do you speak? English fluently, but I know some Spanish and a little French as well.

You in three words. Adventurous, passionate, dreamer.

When you’ve had a bad day what keeps you going? Planning the next day.

What items can be found on you at all times? Phone/tablet.

What are you addicted to? Creating, reading, tv/movies, music.

What did you Google last? “Antik Batik appoline”.

What is the last thing you took a photo of? A successful homemade Pinterest drink.

What’s the one piece of clothing everyone should own? Something that makes you feel invincible.

What outfit do you wear on repeat? Sweater, jeans, pointed boots.

Where would you like to be five years from now? Happy and improved.

What’s next? Embarking on the journey that is Senior Thesis, graduation, and the transition out of school.


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The Questionnaire_Wanderlust 6 by Ayo Keys



From Tampa, FL living in NYC

Studying Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design.


What’s one thing you want other young people to know about traveling abroad? 

Do everything!! Take in as many new experiences as you can and don’t be afraid to be a little crazy/go off the beaten path!


24 hours in LONDON, ENG

9AM Wake up. Get a chai tea latte and walk to class- I would always take the route that goes along Regents Canal which was cute. 

10AM- 4PM Class- I took a class at CSM called Experimental Fashion Knitwear, which was definitely the highlight of my trip. The facilities at CSM were so sick and getting to knit for 3 weeks straight was a dream come true.

5PM Afternoon tea w/ the Queen.

6PM London has THE best vintage shopping I have ever experienced and it’s relatively cheap if you go to the right places. My favorites were Spitalfields Market and Bricklane Market. I got some army jackets and just cool stuff that I felt I could only get there. Also, they have antique markets where I got so many little treasures like taxidermied bugs in resin. 

7PM Walk home- even though everything is kind of far away, I loved walking so I could see more sights! London has a ton of street art in certain areas and is just a really pretty city overall. 

9PM Catch up on some homework/Facetime those back home.

12AM Would usually go out and bond with my class in Shoreditch. They have the most fun bars/clubs. There was one that played acoustic live old school hip-hop. There were some outdoor patios and summer events that were also very lit! 

2AM Falafel!!!



What’s your suitcase packing method? Packing for a trip I’m super organized but when I’m leaving I just throw everything in.

Do you have any tips for go through airport security? A functioning SIM card- lol and comfortable shoes.

How many languages do you speak? 1.

You in three words. Ambitious. Sociable. Cozy.

When you’ve had a bad day what keeps you going? DRAKE!

What items can be found on you at all times? Phone is the only one reliable item.

What did you Google last? Aquarium nails.

What is the last thing you took a photo of? A gigantic live grasshopper in my boss’s salad at work- it was wild.

What’s the one piece of clothing everyone should own? A really soft cozy sweater.

What outfit do you wear on repeat? Black jeans- huge t -sunglasses.

Where would you like to be five years from now? Doing what I love/owning a French bulldog!

What’s next? THESIS!


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The Questionnaire_Wanderlust 5 by Ayo Keys

jiwon CHOI


New York City, NY

Studying Fashion Design at Parsons The New School or Design

What’s one thing you want other young people to know about traveling abroad? 

One of the best ways to travel is to do it solo! I always have the most amount of unexpected adventures, meet more interesting people, and learn to be more independent whenever I travel alone. 


24 hours in ICELAND

7AM Wake up in a tent near the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lake. We set up the camp the night before, knowing that we wanted to wake up to its incredible view!

8AM Pack up the tent, sleeping bags, and supplies into the car.

9AM Tour around the lake. We are completely blown away by the size and beauty of the icebergs! We saw a gigantic piece of ice break off and fall into the lake, creating the biggest splash I've ever seen.

10AM Get in a boat into the lake to get a closer look at the icebergs.

11AM Back in the car and on the road. The long car rides weren't boring at all because there was so much to look at out our windows.

12PM Pass by the most beautiful sights and we are constantly stopping to take photos and marvel at the landscape. Every hour that we drive on the road, the landscapes change drastically.

1PM Stop by a restaurant for the first meal of the day. Our eating schedule was odd because there weren't many restaurants and we constantly snacked on Icelandic Doritos in the car.

2PM Back in the car.

3PM Stop by the coolest landscape so we go hiking! We hiked a lot and it was refreshing to be in a place so untouched.

6PM Back in the car. We snacked on Doritos, apples, and bread.

8PM Stop by the Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon. We hike through this canyon as well. The best thing about Iceland was that even though it has become a touristy spot, there are still barely any people around for miles. We had this canyon mostly all to ourselves! It was so peaceful to just hike and marvel.

12AM Stop on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere to set up camp for the night. It was midnight sun in Iceland at the time, so the sun did not set until 3AM. It was such a bizarre but magical experience to still be hiking at midnight while the sun was out!



What’s your suitcase packing method? Ever since one of my airlines lost my check-in suitcase, I only take a carry-on with only necessities.

What is the one thing you must have while traveling? My sketchbook. I document absolutely everything with writing, sketches, ticket stubs, dried flowers/plants...

How many languages do you speak?  2.4 - Fluent in English and Korean, and learning French.

When you’ve had a bad day what keeps you going? Something sweet from a local bakery. 

What items can be found on you at all times? My rings that I get from every city I visit!

What did you Google last? A list of Tarkovsky films.

What outfit do you wear on repeat? The most comfortable and simple oversized black dress. It is somehow casual and dressy at the same time.

Where would you like to be five years from now? I would like to be living and working in Paris.

What’s next? My thesis collection is the next big thing in my life, but travel wise, I am planning a trip to Svalbard or maybe northern Canada to see the northern lights. 


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The Questionnaire_Wanderlust 4 by Ayo Keys



From Albany, NY living in NYC

Studying Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design


What’s one thing you want other young people to know about traveling abroad? 

Your experience is only going to be as good as you want it to be.



5AM Waking up and watching the sunrise in the Sahara Desert it’s as breath taking as described. I love the feeling of cool sand between my toes. 

6AM Walking around in the Sahara with one of the tour guide who is explaining how you have to be careful where you walk due to certain parts of the sand dune not being sturdy and you can sink down. 

7AM Walking and climbing on the dunes alone now. I look out at the desert and see a familiar scene and yet each dune stands with its own uniqueness.  

8AM I walk back to my Mom at the tent to have a traditional Berber breakfast.  While I am walking I realize how far I have traveled and try to determine how to get back. I feel a bit lost but I know that I will find my way back.

9AM I dig into this crater like crepe, throw some nutella on it and tip back a glass of orange juice. 

11AM We talk to some of the natives and hang out in the tent. We are trying to stay in the shade due to the sun.  There is a bit of a language barrier but we muddle through, throw in some Italian, hand jesters and it seems to work out. All of the men are very nice and proud of their culture.  

1PM We have lunch, couscous and bread with mint tea. The heat of the food balances the heat of outside, and keeps our bodies at an even temperature.

2PM We start to go outside again and one of the men puts a scarf around my head to protect my face while we are walking outside and riding the camels. I am so excited to go on the camel and walk around some more. 

3PM All of the men are talking in Berber and discussing where we will head next. My mom and I are having so much fun on the camel we keep taking pictures of the scenery and each other.

6PM The guys find, in my opinion, the tallest Sand dune and say we are going to climb that to catch the sundown. The camels are left at the bottom of the dune and I watch a boy run up the dune as if it was flat land. I stumble and heave my way up and refuse assistance because I can do it.

9PM We are back in the tent and have dinner. It is Couscous with lamb and for dessert we have fresh fruit. It is all delicious.  Then we are treated with music and dancing with the natives and they teach me a few songs. My smile hasn’t left my face yet today.

11PM My mom and I head outside of the tent with one of the men and look at the stars. I have never seen this many starts light up a sky before and I don’t think I will see anything that could compare to this perfection in nature again. I realize how cool everything has become again and breath in the crisp cool air. 

12AM We all head back to our tents to go to bed. I finally realize how much I've done today and I fall into my pillow exhausted and watch the stars as I fall asleep.



What’s your suitcase packing method? Less is more. Only carry essentials and forget makeup this is an experience, not a beauty contest. Also layers are your friend and its okay to repeat an outfit no one will know but you.

Do you have any tips for go through airport security? Don’t look impatient. Also smile and say thank you. Kind words go far when some one has a job that deals with obnoxious people.

What is the one thing you must have while traveling? A charger and $15 on you, you never know what will happen.

How many languages do you speak? One. English. But before I go anywhere I always learn how to say: Thank you , Yes, No, Please, Hi and Excuses me.

You in three words. Outgoing, passionate and kind.

When you’ve had a bad day what keeps you going? I remember that I’m dealing with first world problems.

What items can be found on you at all times? $20, my necklace, and sarcasm.

What are you addicted to? Chocolate, but I don’t think of it as an addiction it's more of a way of life.

What did you Google last? Michael Fassbender and not ashamed.

What is the last thing you took a photo of? My weaving.

What’s the one piece of clothing everyone should own? A Black v-neck  shirt.

What outfit do you wear on repeat? Black pants and a black v-neck shirt with black ballet flats.

Where would you like to be five years from now? In NYC In a high design position in a fashion house.

What’s next? esides surviving my senior year and getting a job, I want to go backpacking around Europe and America and hike in at lest 5 National Parks.


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The Questionnaire_Wanderlust 3 by Ayo Keys



New York City

Majoring in Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design


What’s one thing you want other young people to know about traveling abroad? 

The best recommendations are ones from friends – vaguely plan your trip around them, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or stuck in terrible tourist traps.  However, your favorite moments will be the ones you have between the ‘destinations’ you set out for.  Travel by foot when you can, and keep yourself open to wandering a bit off the beaten path.



24 hours in FLORENCE, IT

9AM Upon waking, meander to the closest market to make your ideal Italian picnic. My first morning, I picked up a delicious jar of yogurt, some peaches, ripe heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto, and some flatbread.  We enjoyed a leisurely morning and had another meal and snacks left for our time there.

10AM Make your way though the touristy section of town, to get your bearings and catch a glimpse of the incredible Duomo, but avoid super touristy locales the first day, get to know Florence a bit first.


11AM Stop by the Mueso Novecento to get a broader understanding of Italian modern art.

12PM A stop at the Ferragamo Museo (a must for designers and shoe appreciators) is perfect! It is a small museum, but filled with stunning shoes and some of the Ferragamo’s family’s art.

1PM You will be hungry for lunch by this point from all your walking, so head to the Mercato Centrale, Florence’s famous food market.  The first floor is a feast for the eyes filled with fresh produce, cheeses, meats and other Italian delicacies.  I went with the picnic tactic again, but you can also purchase prepared foods.


2PM Refueled, you’ll be ready to head across the Arno River to the cool Artisan/Vintage side of town.

3PM Visit Vintage Verabis, it’s kind of like going down the rabbit hole! A crazy health hazard of a store, with so many clothes hung, piled and stacked that you literally cannot get to some of it.  It’s a worthwhile treasure hunt, I came out with a defining orange/sequined number from the 60’s!

4PM Before you continue to thrift, head over to the Baboli Gardens before they close for the evening.  Gorgeous formal gardens – perfect to relax, read and wander through.  Be sure to see the incredible costumes at Pallazo Pitti while you’re there!

5PM GELATO. If you spent all day walking and by 4 or 5 you will find yourself in need of a gelato most days.

6PM On this side of the Arno, I recommend wandering through the little shops, artisans will be most likely closing up but it’s my favorite area of Florence.

7PM Head to Piazza Santo Spirito for dinner, at the small trattoria on the corner, just beyond the popular bar.  I don’t think you can go wrong there – but that trattoria had the best dessert I’ve had in my life – homemade ricotta and chocolate.

9PM After a leisurely meal, get a mojito, from the skilled female bartender, at the most popular bar in the Piazza.  Then wander the Piazza with the young, married, and old chatting, flirting and playing music. It is the most wonderfully Italian way to spend your night!  Head home with a friend, as the only downside of Florence was their lack of transportation in the wee hours.  Get some sleep, as you’ll need it with the full days of walking! Remember to stay open to where ever your path takes you.



What’s your suitcase packing method? Always be prepared… I try to pair down- but more is more in my experience!

Do you have any tips for go through airport security? Patience is a virtue!

What is the one thing you must have while traveling? Tea and a small container of almonds – or something healthy to snack on – You never know when you’ll get stuck in transit and be desperate!

How many languages do you speak? English and I can get by in Spanish if need be! (Must practice!)

*You in three words. Spirited, Open, & Mindful

When you’ve had a bad day what keeps you going? The knowledge that its okay to feel crappy – its part of life.  When I was in the midst of a difficult semester, a wise friend of mine, who happens to be 95, told me that I was going through a “Creative Pause” – at the time I didn’t understand, but looking back she was exactly right.  We all go through periods of difficulty the important thing is not what happens but how we deal with it (advice I learned from an inspiring coach, Jimmy Minardi).

What items can be found on you at all times? Sketchpad and Muji Pen.

What are you addicted to? In the summer, ICED TEA, I make 4 varieties some nights in individual mason jars.  It is a very easy process to prep overnight – but my friends and mom tease me for it!

What did you Google last? John Oliver Food Waste.

What is the last thing you took a photo of? Tonight’s sunset.

What’s the one piece of clothing everyone should own? Exercise pants; get out and move – however you want to – it’s my secret to sanity most days.

What outfit do you wear on repeat? DRESSES – all 4 seasons.

Where would you like to be five years from now? Happy.

What’s next? Creation, collaboration & connection.


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The Questionnaire_Wanderlust 2 by Ayo Keys




Philadelphia, PA

Marketing Major, Communications Minor at Saint Josephs University

What’s one thing you want other young people to know about traveling abroad? 

It's an invaluable experience. Nothing compares to it. The people you meet, the food you eat and the lifestyle you'll experience will only  broaden your perspective of the world and round you out as a person.



24 hours in MADRID, ES

9:30AM Wake up, shower and get dressed. Then, I'd come to the living room to eat a light Spain breakfast. Our house mother would set out a tray of food options, such as cafe con leche, croissants, oatmeal and yogurt. I'd usually go for cereal with warm milk.

10AM I would walk down to the Plaza de Espana metro station, swipe my pass and then catch two trains to the university.

10:30AM-2:30PM Class :[

3PM Walk down Gran Via(the Madrid equivalent of Broadway) and head to Sol, the booming downtown district of Madrid, full of shops, restaurants, street performers, promoters and special events. Afterwards, I'd head to Parque de Buen Retiro. It's honestly the most beautiful park I've ever been to, full of joggers, weddings, paddle boats, performers, beautiful greenery, fountains, etc.


5PM Head to El Tigre for some delicious tapas, such as tortilla, chorizo, jamon iberica, and my favorite- manchego cheese.

6:30PM Catch the metro to the language exchange , a program in which native Spanish-speakers learn English from volunteers who learned English as their first language for an hour. After an hour, the Spanish-speakers would help those who learned English as their first language speak Spanish.

9PM More homework and a siesta(nap). You'd be surprised how much a nap can help you recharge before eating and going out.

9:30PM Eat a family dinner of homemade paella with my host mother and fellow study abroad students that I live with. She would usually give us some delicious dulche de leche ice crean for dessert.


10PM Head to El Corte Ingles to pick up some essentials. This Spanish store was pretty much like Walmart, Macy's, and Best Buy rolled up in one and had everything that'd you'd ever need, like 2 liter bottles of water for 75 Euro cents.

11PM  Start pregaming,  wait to use the shower and get dressed. Then we'd head to Dubliners, an “Irish” bar that caters to study abroad students, for 1 Euro shots. There we'd meet up with friends that live close by.

12AM Head to Teatro Kapital, an upscale seven floor dance club in Madrid. Each floor had different vibes and music, so there was something for everyone. There'd also be live dancers, musicians, and every once in a blue moon, celebrities would stop by.

6AM We would always grab food before heading home from a fun night. Sometimes we'd stop by San Gines, a 24 hour restaurant known for for it's desserts, to pick up some churros con chocolate and cafe con leche. Other times, we'd stop by Papizza, a late night pizza place (AKA heaven) where you could get 2 Euro square slices of pizza. My favorite was bolonesa and Nueva York style.



What’s your suitcase packing method? I think it depends on where I'm going. I'm not the most organized person. I'm indecisive and I like to have options. Usually, I'll overload my suitcase with pieces that I can mix and match easily and make a split-second decision on what works when it's time to get dressed.

Do you have any tips for go through airport security? Be patient. Obviously, everyone is in a rush. Keep your valuables with you or in your carry on. Print your boarding pass ahead of time and check in early. Be ready to take your shoes off, if asked. Bring snacks ;]

What is the one thing you must have while traveling? I love taking pictures and capturing moments, so I usually will bring my Nikon with me when traveling.

How many languages do you speak? 1.25 (I'm working on my Spanish lol).

You in three words Bold. Empathethic. Self-aware.

When you’ve had a bad day what keeps you going? Music, usually Gospel or R&B and self-motivation.

What items can be found on you at all times? My cell phone, sunglasses, bracelet from Madrid and Ghana.

What are you addicted to? I think I'm addicted to Instagram(@kobikobe), Wawa, Wanderlust and Tumblr.

What did you Google last? When the Amy Winehouse documentary comes out.

What is the last thing you took a photo of? I took a selfie of me and my friends at the Mad Decent Block Party.

What’s the one piece of clothing everyone should own? You can never go wrong with a nice pair of dark, straight-legged jeans.

What outfit do you wear on repeat? A light brown thin sailor striped shirt, light wash comfortable Lucky brand jeans, Clark's boots, and a coool hat I picked up in Paris. Sometimes, I'll add a button-up, cardigan, boat shoes or a five-panel hat to switch it up.

Where would you like to be five years from now? Hopefully, I'll be working in a Branding/PR or Marketing/Advertising firm that will allow me to enjoy my work and possibly have time for travel.

What’s next? That's a good question. I'm not entirely sure. I'm definitely considering continuing my education and pursuing my MBA to remain competitive in the workforce. However, after living in Europe for four months,  I've been affected with the traveling bug. I'm saving up money now and planning on traveling for a little after graduation. Later on down the line, I'll get my law degree.


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