The Questionnaire_Wanderlust 4 / by Ayo Keys



From Albany, NY living in NYC

Studying Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design


What’s one thing you want other young people to know about traveling abroad? 

Your experience is only going to be as good as you want it to be.



5AM Waking up and watching the sunrise in the Sahara Desert it’s as breath taking as described. I love the feeling of cool sand between my toes. 

6AM Walking around in the Sahara with one of the tour guide who is explaining how you have to be careful where you walk due to certain parts of the sand dune not being sturdy and you can sink down. 

7AM Walking and climbing on the dunes alone now. I look out at the desert and see a familiar scene and yet each dune stands with its own uniqueness.  

8AM I walk back to my Mom at the tent to have a traditional Berber breakfast.  While I am walking I realize how far I have traveled and try to determine how to get back. I feel a bit lost but I know that I will find my way back.

9AM I dig into this crater like crepe, throw some nutella on it and tip back a glass of orange juice. 

11AM We talk to some of the natives and hang out in the tent. We are trying to stay in the shade due to the sun.  There is a bit of a language barrier but we muddle through, throw in some Italian, hand jesters and it seems to work out. All of the men are very nice and proud of their culture.  

1PM We have lunch, couscous and bread with mint tea. The heat of the food balances the heat of outside, and keeps our bodies at an even temperature.

2PM We start to go outside again and one of the men puts a scarf around my head to protect my face while we are walking outside and riding the camels. I am so excited to go on the camel and walk around some more. 

3PM All of the men are talking in Berber and discussing where we will head next. My mom and I are having so much fun on the camel we keep taking pictures of the scenery and each other.

6PM The guys find, in my opinion, the tallest Sand dune and say we are going to climb that to catch the sundown. The camels are left at the bottom of the dune and I watch a boy run up the dune as if it was flat land. I stumble and heave my way up and refuse assistance because I can do it.

9PM We are back in the tent and have dinner. It is Couscous with lamb and for dessert we have fresh fruit. It is all delicious.  Then we are treated with music and dancing with the natives and they teach me a few songs. My smile hasn’t left my face yet today.

11PM My mom and I head outside of the tent with one of the men and look at the stars. I have never seen this many starts light up a sky before and I don’t think I will see anything that could compare to this perfection in nature again. I realize how cool everything has become again and breath in the crisp cool air. 

12AM We all head back to our tents to go to bed. I finally realize how much I've done today and I fall into my pillow exhausted and watch the stars as I fall asleep.



What’s your suitcase packing method? Less is more. Only carry essentials and forget makeup this is an experience, not a beauty contest. Also layers are your friend and its okay to repeat an outfit no one will know but you.

Do you have any tips for go through airport security? Don’t look impatient. Also smile and say thank you. Kind words go far when some one has a job that deals with obnoxious people.

What is the one thing you must have while traveling? A charger and $15 on you, you never know what will happen.

How many languages do you speak? One. English. But before I go anywhere I always learn how to say: Thank you , Yes, No, Please, Hi and Excuses me.

You in three words. Outgoing, passionate and kind.

When you’ve had a bad day what keeps you going? I remember that I’m dealing with first world problems.

What items can be found on you at all times? $20, my necklace, and sarcasm.

What are you addicted to? Chocolate, but I don’t think of it as an addiction it's more of a way of life.

What did you Google last? Michael Fassbender and not ashamed.

What is the last thing you took a photo of? My weaving.

What’s the one piece of clothing everyone should own? A Black v-neck  shirt.

What outfit do you wear on repeat? Black pants and a black v-neck shirt with black ballet flats.

Where would you like to be five years from now? In NYC In a high design position in a fashion house.

What’s next? esides surviving my senior year and getting a job, I want to go backpacking around Europe and America and hike in at lest 5 National Parks.


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