The Questionnaire_Wanderlust 9 / by Ayo Keys




Originally Atlanta, Ga. Currently a villa outside of Florence, Italy. Typically an overpriced apartment in the East Village. 

Studying Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design.

What’s one thing you want other young people to know about traveling abroad? 

If you chose to make traveling a superficial experience than that’s all it will ever be. If you decide to shop/drink/party your way through, the only person you’re cheating is yourself.  Push your prejudices and go outside your comfort zone.  



24 hours in BERLIN, DE

9AM  Get up, get dressed. Typically this is the time when we would do laundry and throw some snacks in our bag for the day. Berlin was wet and cold, but charming. 

10AM Walk to check point Charlie and the Jewish History Museum (which has an amazing café by the way). 

1PM For lunch we decide to splurge on an amazing restaurant called Fassbender Rausch that combines chocolate in to all their dishes.

3PM Next we visit a famous contemporary art museum in Berlin. The art was incredibly unique and diverse.

6PM Next we met up with some friend’s of my girlfriend’s family for dinner. The view from their hotel room over the Brandenburg Gate was stunning.

10PM Time to walk/subway home. The Queen on England was staying at our hotel so many fans and tourists were waiting outside for her arrival.

12AM Home, watch CNN and time for bed.



What’s your suitcase packing method? My best advice is roll everything up, only pack what you actually need, and pack neutrals that go with everything.

Do you have any tips for go through airport security? Always have your passport ready and do not be offended by overly harsh airport security. They hate their jobs, can you blame them?

What is the one thing you must have while traveling? City mapper.

How many languages do you speak? Just English

You in three words. Ambitious, sarcastic, sensitive.

When you’ve had a bad day what keeps you going? Coffee, hugs, soft beds, or my parent’s voice.

What items can be found on you at all times? Sunglasses/sunscreen, my mother’s bracelets, a ring from my girlfriend, my father’s watch.

What are you addicted to? Green juice, crushing the white male patriarchy, soul cycle, reeses peanut butter cups.  

What did you Google last? Leonardo Da Vinci and the Golden Ratio.

What is the last thing you took a photo of? The sun setting over Tuscany outside my bedroom window.

What’s the one piece of clothing everyone should own? A killer leather jacket

What outfit do you wear on repeat? Black braless crop top & black high wasted shorts with Birkenstocks always.

Where would you like to be five years from now? I aim to live in a whole new place (maybe abroad?), and work with innovative and talented people who are excited by the idea of changing the world through art and design. I want to help people through design.  

What’s next? Back New York/back to senior thesis at Parsons. Traveling has given me so much more confidence in myself. I trust myself now more than I ever. I aim to backpack solo after I graduate. I want to explore so many places in Asia and Africa. I want to live abroad and truly see the world. I would push everyone to travel. You would be amazed at the person you become. Don’t let a language barrier be a crutch against going off the beaten path. You will be awed by the kindness and decency of total strangers.

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