The Questionnaire_Thesis 2 / by Ayo Keys



*Raw, emotional, sharp

7 looks -16 pieces

Inspired by Fear/meltdown/anxiety felt while being stalked and threatened online. Turning inward.

Key Pieces A long leather tunic that starts on the body and lifts off towards the hem as though it’s weightless. A leather top that closes in the front which captured and preserved the wrinkles of the leather while it was being cast, stained pure white like marble; transparent nylon dresses with sharp, angular darts that lend the collection an air of tailoring and modernity.

The Process

I always start with feelings, and then find words for them. I floundered for a few weeks puttering around with words that had to do with stalking until I stumbled upon “petrify”.

It resonated because it implied an absolute stillness and the idea (one element literally molecularly becoming another, but keeping the same outward appearance) gave me something to explore and build on. I looked at petrified stone forests, marble sculpture,  a lot of random rocks, and women who were feeling really vulnerable.

Then I started thinking about how to apply that to the human form; and wondered if it was possible to cast leather on a body. I stumbled upon wet moulding with a particular kind of untanned veg leather, and started experimenting on a hard plastic mannequin underwater with a hammer and nails and a bunch of leather. Then drawing>design>supporting materials for the leather.

The Customer

Someone more driven by style than trend. She understands modern art and performance, and uses her clothes as a dialogue with the outside world. She’s totally unconcerned with standing out or being a little bit of an outcast. Tilda Swinton, maybe.


**Obsessive, calm, observant

Which brands would you like to work for? Dior, McQueen, Rick Owens, Lanvin.

When you’ve had a bad day what keeps you going? Lots of stupid little tasks that make me feel like I have my life more under control. Today I’m working on hooks and eyes. Yesterday was zippers. It’s been a bad week.

What items can be found on you at all times? Earplugs, tape measure, mini umbrella. Swatches of my current collection.

What are you addicted to? Cold coffee. I’d say iced coffee, but I live in Paris, so… “iced” comes with 3 ice cubes that melt in 5 minutes. Maybe lukewarm coffee.

What did you Google last? Cédric Charlier, so I could copy and paste the accent.

What is the last thing you took a photo of? Hook and eye detail of one of my garments to insert in a dresser’s book for the show. (The last non-thesis related photo? My birthday cake.)

What’s next? First runway show on May 20. Then...gainful employment?


Designer: Lindsay Walsh

Photography: Anna Dabrowska

Model: Cornelia Raviot

Makeup & Makeup: Jay Kwan

Stylist: Chiara Chinigioli


You can follow Lindsay on Instagram @_lindsay_walsh